Friday, June 12, 2015

I'll have the oryx burger, please

June 12, 2015
Solitaire, Namibia

James again.... 

Wild game is standard fare here, much more so than beef or pork. The ongoing drought has caused many beef operations in Namibia to shut down, as cattle are very water-dependent. But the native oryx, kudu, springbok, and zebra (pronounced as to rhyme with "Debra" here) are superbly adapted to this environment and require little or no care. And Namibians are big meat eaters. So oryx it is.

An epic day yesterday. Up before dawn to catch the sunrise on top of one of the Namib desert's iconic red sand dunes, then 45 km of rare paved road cycling back to camp, then a late afternoon visit to the Namibian Carnivore Project, aka "the home for problem cheetahs".

The landscape is is vaguely reminiscent of southern Utah, but uniquely "African" as well. Perhaps it's the ostrich and giraffe running around.

A couple of pics of Janet... 

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