Friday, June 12, 2015

Poli Poli

Janet here - we have had several days with no internet service, so this is a journal entry from a few days ago with a photo from our hike through the Daan Viljoen National Park. More soon as we are on a rest now for two days with wifi! 

Easy does it. Poli poli. It's in the pacing of the conversations, the length of meals, the answer to a question or the solution to a challenge. The space that this approach to living creates is a very real part of the landscape - Acacia gestures, air sparkling with mica, the giant blue sky with not one bit of punctuating cloud.  Space and ease sits beside difficulty and struggle.  River beds are dry - families live in tin homes and HIV Aids has shaped the population, yet farmers turn to crafts-women, houses of tin become homes and neighborhoods reflecting pride of ownership.  A young Namibian selling red ochre earth tells me of her trip to America to attend a conference on HIV.  Life here is rich and Tribes, Germans and South Africans mix and cooperate.  Poli poli. Each hour brings more to learn and natural wonders beautiful and resilient.  A trip to buy stamps becomes an escorted journey through the city and a a lesson in the Afrikaans language, and ordering takeout a conversation about history.  Ancient grave yards and Kudus, sun birds and barbed wire. Tomorrow we ride closer to the sea as we leave the escarpment for the desert - taking it easy leaves room to take it all in.

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  1. Love it. You must feel it's a heaven on earth. This is a dream destination of mine. Next year!?